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gluten free thanksgiving guide

thanksgivingI am so excited it is almost that time of year again. I have the amazing privilege of living within 10 minutes of my sister and one of my brothers. So, we can eat this glorious meal and celebrate together. What a beautiful word.  This is what I am grateful for this year: togetherness.

My husband and I have had our house on the market since the end of March. We’ve had quite a bit of activity but no bites. Just what anyone wants or needs: a home that must remain at all times in showing condition. Throw 3 children into the mix (figuratively, of course). My two older wild and crazy children who insist upon building forts using every available cushion in  our house are pretty good about dismantling their creations upon request. Oh, how I empathize with them though. They just want to be children.

It’s been a good lesson for me: learning to take a step back and let them be, letting the house thing play out the way it is supposed to. Being at ease with each day and trying not to obsess about what will be. Easier said than done, of course. (There is something to be said about the effort, right? ) We thought we’d be good and moved by now. So, naturally, I imagined we’d be having an East coast Thanksgiving  this year. But we are still here in Colorado. For some reason we are still here.  And for that I am thankful. We have been given the gift of one more Thanksgiving with family.

I’ve compiled a list of recipe suggestions that would be well suited for your Thanksgiving feast this year.


maple masala pecans

carrot ginger soup

turnip and parsnip soup


brussels sprouts

slow roasted carrots


pumpkin ice cream

cranberry apple pie

autumn apple cake

rustic pear and apple tart

vanilla ice cream

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3 responses to “gluten free thanksgiving guide”

  1. » Blog Archives » Gluten-free Thanksgiving guide said:

    [...] shopping — and if you’re looking for gluten-free alternatives, don’t miss her Thanksgiving Guide. The cranberry apple pie is [...]

  2. glutenfreeforgood said:

    Why are you moving?? And how was your hike yesterday? I’m heading out to South Boulder Peak, Green Mountain, Bear Peak or maybe just Flatiron Vista here in a little while. It’s a glorious Colorado day, as you know. We went skiing yesterday and although there wasn’t much of the mountain open (Winter Park), it was really nice to be outside and enjoying the fresh air before the holiday feast. Our Mexican Thanksgiving was great. But I have to say, you have a fabulous list of wonderful recipes here! I’m going to have to take some time and filter through all of them. Love the maple, masala pecan idea. And I see you did pumpkin ice cream last month! Isn’t it the best? I’m totally hooked now.

    Take care and wishing you the best in your quest to sell your home. Things are picking up in the real estate market around here, but I’m sorry you’re moving. You’ll keep your blog going, won’t you?! You better.



  3. Stephanie said:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the well wishes. My husband has been working out in northern New Jersey for about 18 months now. We’re so looking forward to being together again under one roof. It’s hard though, we’ve been here for 15 years. Two of my siblings live in close proximity so it’s difficult to think about leaving. Never mind that it’s so easy to be gluten free/food sensitive in this area. It’s sort of a mixed bag of sadness and excitement at the same time. There is a reason for everything – so we are trying to embrace it and just go with it……real estate IS picking up I think. We’ve been slammed with showings. Which I guess is a good thing. We got a call from someone wanting to come over at 4pm the day before Thanksgiving. Hmmmm. Sorry, but no. (We hosted this year which basically equates to the fact that my house looked like a bomb had gone off up until…well, it still looks like a bomb went off).

    You’re too kind – I am going to attempt to still keep this blog going. It’s been so much fun. I have learned so much from you and the others who blog in our GF community. It’s truly amazing. I feel so grateful to live in a time where we have the ability to share with each other like we do. To feel that connection with people you haven’t ever “met” is quite something.

    Sadly we didn’t end up getting out for a hike yesterday. The day just got away from me – I did get down to Teller Farm trail – which has such a beautiful panoramic view of the Flatirons. Breathtaking. And the fresh air did wonders for me. Went out again today – and I think I got a little sunburned – it was a little warmer than I was expecting!

    How wonderful that you were able to get some runs in at Winter Park. First runs of the season for you? Was the snow decent? I can’t wait to get out my snowshoes!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

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