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clementine ice cream

dsc_0401I confess: I cannot get enough of clementines. The love affair first began when I lived in Paris. I used to walk home from the open air market with a whole carton on my hip. To this day, I keep a bowl full to the brim on my kitchen table throughout the months January and February. Not only are they beautiful to look at they are a guiltless pleasure for dessert or a great afternoon snack. Needless to say, I was over the moon when I came across this recipe by Martha Rose Shulman in Sunset magazine. I tweaked the recipe slightly by replacing the white sugar with honey, ommitting the corn syrup and adjusting the amount of lemon juice (I also kept it raw).

I made this for a get together we had last weekend to rave reviews. We happened to have five consecutive days of glorious 70 degree weather (in January!).  So, by request (of my kiddos) I’ve made it twice since then. They love the stuff. I do too. It’s really more like a sorbet because it lacks milk or coconut milk.  But, my toddlers call it ice cream – so shall I.  To yield 2 cups of juice, you need slightly less than 1 box of clementines. I juiced them manually but you can use a juicer if you have one.

2 cups clementine juice, strained
1/4 cup honey
1 tblsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

  1. Cut the clementines in half lengthwise.  Juice the clementines (and any pulp included) into a large glass measuring cup – until there is slightly more than 2 cups total.
  2. Using a fine mesh sieve that will sit (unassisted) into the top a large bowl, pour the juice and pulp into the strainer. Use a spoon to press all the excess liquid out of the pulp.
  3. Add the agave and lemon juice. Stir.
  4. Side note: I used a large mason jar to hold the liquid. So, I could shake the ingredients just before placing in the ice cream maker.
  5. If you have time, place in the refrigerator for several hours before placing in the ice cream maker. The ice cream maker will render the finished product much more quickly with a chilled juice mixture.
  6. Follow your instructions for ice cream maker. Don’t have one?  See the comments here for instructions:
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3 responses to “clementine ice cream”

  1. glutenfreeforgood said:

    Hey Stephanie — so nice to “meet” you. Yes, we do have a lot in common and you’re so close by. Thanks for connecting with me. It’s funny how you make these blogger relationships with people all over the world, but might not be aware of someone right close to home!

    Your “dessert” sounds wonderful and what a great end-of-the-meal way to have a little touch of sweetness and cleanse your palate at the same time. It sounds so refreshing!


  2. Stephanie said:


    oh, thank you ! Glad you liked the recipe.

    It is great to connect. Hopefully, we’ll have an opportunity to meet in person one day!

  3. Heartburn Home Remedy said:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I found a link on Furl telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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